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A Reluctant Back-To-School Post

…and so it has come to this: Back-to-School. I will admit that I have always enjoyed having my kids home, having some quality non-structured time is certainly an important reason for this,
but also the break from the structure, the routine, dropping off, picking up, events etc. is a much welcomed relief!

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I long for the days of a true Summer Break – like I had back in the day –
with the last day of school prior to Memorial Day and the first day
of school after Labor Day. That’s right, three full glorious months
of summer!

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Plenty of time to lie in the grass and watch clouds float by, bike ride all over the valley, to take fun summer school classes – yes, summer school – not Extended School Year (ESY). Such pleasant recollections of consuming copious amounts of slushy frozen carbonated beverages, cinnamon rolls from Winchell’s Donuts (the size of my bike tires); and rainbow sherbet from Thrifty’s, of reading endless comics and Nancy Drew books (yes, hard cover and paperback books – with paper pages), of going swimming, and to amusement parks, and road trips with the family, sigh.

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I am aware that I am in the teeniest, tiniest minority on this!

So, as “Your Special Needs Resource Destination” we’re providing useful back-to-school resources for individuals of all abilities – even if a bit reluctantly!

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