Rori Becker from Bright Feats Special Needs Resource Magazine and Phyllis Guthman from the Disability Resource Hub have produced an exclusive directory publication for families with special needs in Tampa!!  See the current issue.

The inaugural issue of the Disability Resource Hub Guide was printed in July and distributed to the community.  We are appreciative of Hillsborough County Public Schools, Department of Exceptional Student Education for distributing our guide!
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Your Sponsorship allows us to put this publication into the hands of families with special needs children, for FREE, through public and private schools, diagnostic and referral centers, specialized physicians, therapy clinics, hospitals and local support groups. Both public schools and professionals give the Disability Resource Hub Guide to their families who need additional support. They are able to refer parents to multiple providers using a single resource.

We would love to include you in the next publication – The Deadline is November 15!  Please contact Rori at 407-620-9355 or email: rori@brightfeats.com

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