Phyllis Guthman has provided disability information, resources and communications for
Special Needs Ministries, Special Needs Sports, Recreation and Art Organizations as well as Statewide and Local Disability Agencies for 17 years. Phyllis launched ©Disability Resource Hub,
©Disability Resource Diva and ©Tampa-Hillsborough Disability Update as vehicles to disseminate the massive amount of resources accumulated over the years.

Phyllis is committed to raising awareness that will increase capacity for individuals
with disabilities, their families and the organizations that provide support, partners with stakeholders who are interested in achieving improved outcomes and quality of life for individuals with disabilities that lead to inclusion, meaningful relationships, employment
and recreation opportunities.

Phyllis and her husband Ed, have two active children that keep them very busy.
As a parent of a child with special needs, Phyllis strives to maintain a healthy
and balanced well being by…Keeping the FAITH!

Family | Advocacy/Appreciation | Inclusion | Transition | Hope!